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Chapter Book Edition

Nickerbacher is a dragon and aspiring comedian who travels to La La Land to audition for The Late Knight Show. Hoping to prove to his father – and the world – that dragons can be funny. Nickerbacher befriends a prince and a princess who help him realize his dream while paving the way for equal rights of all citizens.

All dragons aren’t fierce and dangerous. Some have dreams, one wants to take up comedy as a career. In this modern fairy tale, Los Angeles and Hollywood become an enchanting backdrop filled with magical creatures. A one of a kind dragon tries to make it big as a comedian by auditioning for The Late Knight Show. Readers will get to experience the dreams, struggles, setbacks, hard work and eventual success from the perspective of a dragon.

Ages 7-10 Juvenile Fiction – Early Chapter Books


Picture Book Edition

Nickerbacher wants to be a comedian, but his papa doesn’t understand. Princess Gwendolyn and Prince Happenstance support his dream. Will Nickerbacher abide by his dragonly duty or follow his dream of being a stand-up comedian?

Ages 4-8 Juvenile Fiction – Picture Books