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In this delightful storybook, we follow Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon as he embarks on a magical journey to make his dreams come true!


Dragons are magical. We love reading about their incredible adventures in children story books and see them in children s picture books. Nickerbacher is a very special dragon and his story is among the best kids picture books. He wants to make his family proud of him, but he doesn’t want to be like all the other dragons. He’s afraid to tell his papa that there are enough dragons to guard princesses.

What Nickerbacher wants more than anything in the world is to make people happy. He wants to be a comedian who makes people laugh, but his papa doesn’t seems to understand. Even though his friends Princess Gwendolyn and Prince Happenstance think there’s something strange about a dragon who doesn’t want to guard princesses, they support his dream.

Will Nickerbacher abide by his dragonly duty or follow his dream of being a stand-up comedian?

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